PrizePicks Payouts

September 16, 2022

PrizePicks is the easiest and most exciting way to play daily fantasy sports. You just have to pick more or less on between 2 and 5 player squares to win BIG!

At PrizePicks, winning BIG isn’t just a slogan. Due to the simplicity of its game and its generous payout structure, members on PrizePicks can win up to 10X their money with regularity. PrizePicks paid out over $130 million in winning entries in 2021 alone. 

The following is a quick guide to the payouts on PrizePicks for the two main entry types, Power Plays and Flex Plays. 

Power Plays

If you’re looking for a higher-risk, higher-reward play, look no further than Power Plays. You pick 2 or more player squares, and if they all win, you get a huge payout! But if even one loses, the entire entry loses. 

If any pick in a Power Play is ruled a DNP (Did Not Play) or ties the projection, the entry reverts down to the next payout. For example, a 4-Pick Power with a DNP or tie becomes a 3-Pick Power.

The payouts for Power Plays are:

4-Pick Power Play

4/4 =10X

EX. A $10 winning 4-Pick Power pays $100 total.

3-Pick Power Play

3/3 = 5X

EX. A $10 winning 3-Pick Power pays $50 total.

2-Pick Power Plays

2/2 = 3X

EX. A $10 2-Pick Power pays $30 total. 

Flex Plays

Flex Plays are the safest way to play PrizePicks! You can still make a profit or win some money back even if a couple of your picks don’t hit. 

When new members first start playing PrizePicks, it’s recommended that they start with Flex Plays to build both their confidence and their bankroll. But just because Flex Plays are safer doesn’t mean you can’t win BIG with them. Like Power Plays, you can still 10X your cash with Flex Plays!

The payouts for Flex Plays are:

5-Pick Flex Play

5/5 = 10X

4/5 =2X

3/5 =.4X

EX. A $10 5-Pick Flex that goes 5/5 pays $100 total. 

EX. A $10 5-Pick Flex that goes 4/5 pays $20 total. 

EX. A $10 5-Pick Flex that goes 3/5 pays $4 total

4-Pick Flex Play

4/4 = 5X

3/4 = 1.5X

EX. A $10 4-Pick Flex that goes 4/4 = $50

Ex. A $10 4-Pick Flex that goes 3/4 = $15

3-Pick Flex Play

3/3 = 2.25X

2/3 = 1.25X

EX. A $10 3-Pick Flex that goes 3/3 = $20

EX. A $10 3-Pick Flex that goes 2/3  = $12.50

Special Payouts: Payouts as High as 15X

While the payouts listed above are the PrizePicks standard, sports like the NFL, MLB, College Football, and the PGA have higher potential payouts with the right combination of picks. 

In the NFL and College Football, Same Game Entries with a QB and his wide receivers or tight-ends can pay as much as 15X with the right combination of picks. Likewise, PGA payouts can be as high as 12.5X!

PrizePicks also offers occasional payout boost promotions that lets its members win even bigger! It brought in New Year’s 2022 with 22X payouts across the board.

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